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Source and acquire rare works of art that even the art world
doesn’t know are for sale Introducing


A new turnkey service from the GR8 Group for buyers and investors
who value discretion and expert advice

Buying art is like walking through a minefield.
So we removed the mines.

The decision to invest in art is not one to be taken lightly. There are a multitude of
hurdles standing between the desire to buy and seeing an original piece on your wall.

To new collectors, the process can seem overwhelming. Common concerns include:

  • Uncertainty about what to buy.
  • Questions over the authenticity and projected future value of a particular piece.
  • The lack of anonymity when bidding at public auction.
  • Skepticism about the true size of a gallery owner’s markup.
  • A long list of practical considerations ranging from tax issues to storage and transport arrangements.

GR8 Art has been specifically created to remove all of these obstacles from the art buying process.

We help clients to build up their collection with valuable investment
pieces, including ultra-rare artworks that are so hidden away that few
people even know they are available.

Whether you are a new collector and want advice on shaping a
growing collection or a seasoned art lover on the hunt for a rare piece,
our team of global experts can help.

  • No auctions
  • Total transparency of fees
  • Crystal clear
  • communications during the various stages of acquisition

Building your art collection the GR8 way

The creation of our new Private Art Sales Division is a natural extension of everything that GR8 already embodies. For over 10 years, we have been helping our clients to source rare, luxury goods and services, and to fulfill their
incredible ‘bucket list’ dreams.

Given our credentials and connections within the world of fine living, it was only a matter of time before clients expressed an interest in us finding and acquiring rare art – either to enjoy or as investment pieces – on their behalf.

They told us they were interested in diversifying their portfolios in as painless and transparent a way as possible.

A transparent, streamlined approach

Our aim is to make the sourcing and purchase of rare art as smooth as possible. In order to ensure simplicity and continuity, our clients are assured that their dedicated Art Advisor will be their sole point of contact during the entire process.

They will manage all of the client’s legal, financial, shipping and storage requirements, and can provide in-depth advice on what kind of art is most likely to increase in value.

Privacy and the utmost discretion are guaranteed.

We have broken the GR8 Art buying process down into four clear steps:

The Conversation

As with our core business, the GR8 approach is to sit down with the client to discuss their preferences and listen to their goals – whether that be the acquisition of a single piece of art or connecting the client to an art investment fund.

Authentication And Viewing

Once specific target pieces have been identified, we will work with our discreet network of international experts to navigate the actual purchase. As part of our service, we provide all necessary documentation, an appraisal, condition report and history of sales for the artwork in question. The client journey will also involve a private viewing of the artwork, if required, either virtually or in person, anywhere in the world.

The Strategy

Following this initial private consultation with GR8’s in-house Art Adviser, we will establish an appropriate investment strategy, tailored to the client’s circumstances. This will be presented back to the client and can be fine-tuned as necessary.

Purchase And Aftercare

During the purchase, we can provide confidential fiscal and legal advice and, once the acquisition is complete, have experts on hand to assist with secure transport and storage.

We believe that these four steps offer an approach to buying art that is both convenient and efficient. It saves buyers the rigor of exhaustive research, and multiple gallery visits, and eradicates the opacity of fees. It also helps to eliminate the chances that a buyer will fail to find exactly what they are looking for.

GR8 Art Division

Network Of Art Experts:

Art Authentication,
Art Advisory & Art Sourcing

Advising our clients regarding their art acquisition goals and accompanying them on their journey to collecting valuable artworks. Our international team of Art Experts have collectively, over fifty years of experience sourcing and selling fine art. By collaborating with art market sources and staying up to date with art market trends, we create a customized strategy to assisting our clients in obtaining their art-related objectives, with peace of mind and a streamlined approach.

After sourcing the desired works of art, our Art Experts determine the conditions of the art with thorough due diligence and authentication. Only when they are satisfied with the documentation and condition, do they begin to negotiate with the art sellers on behalf of our clients to obtain the best price.

Art Investment Fund Services

Offering our clients a solid and professional platform to invest in art. Be part of an art fund with an excellent track record and a properly managed portfolio, producing substantial profit with little risk.

Art Financing Services

Helping our clients find different and creative solutions through a network of private banks and specialist lenders offering loans secured by art works. We can assist you in raising funds or securing your existing art collection. Art backed financing can eliminate the tax and transaction costs that would typically be associated with the sale of a work of art.

Fine Art Insurance

Providing our clients with tailored insurance solutions and risk management protecting fine art, collectibles and luxury assets

Fine Art Logistics

Assisting our clients with customized services in the fields of art shipping logistics and storage solutions, including freeports.

One phone call and your art journey begins

We now invite potential clients to contact us and arrange a complementary private art consultation so that we can better understand your tastes, styles and art acquisition goals.

There is no obligation to proceed – our aim is to understand your needs, offer the most appropriate solutions, and only when you are ready to take things further will we be happy to help you commence your art-buying journey.

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